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Looking To Sell: Vegetables


Old Thyme Farms C.S.A.


CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
creates a direct connection between farmers and members of the local community.
Individuals make a commitment to a farm by purchasing a "share" of
the harvest in advance of the growing season, providing the farmers with early
season cash flow and a guaranteed market for their crops. In return, members
receive a weekly "share" of the farm's harvest - fresh, in-season,
high quality chemical free vegetables grown and harvested by farmers they know.
At Old Thyme Farms, CSA members play a critical role in our farm system,
providing us with the capital we need early in the year to buy seeds and
supplies, and get the growing season underway.

are busy preparing for the 2012 growing season, tackling the ever-expanding
list of projects we have ahead of us. Our recent long term leasing of two 1700
sq. ft. greenhouses has given us an opportunity to get a head start on our spring
planting. We are making and have made significant investments in farm
infrastructure, starting from scratch with things like irrigation, fencing,
greenhouses, low tunnels, animal pens etc. This year we are working with an old
fruit orchard and berry patch which will be a new addition to our CSA shares.
It won't all happen at once, but with the support of our CSA members we will be
able to make steady progress toward building a viable, sustainable farm business.

 We are offering sponsored shares for 2012
these vegetable shares will be provided at no charge for economically
challenged local families. Individuals or business may purchase sponsored
shares. Businesses will receive a framed thank you letter outlining the
sponsored CSA share program, website inclusion and a great feeling knowing your
business or family is helping a local family in need.

The CSA will run for 28 weeks, beginning in March. Each week our shares contain
5-10 different crops, reflecting what's in season. Our shares (10-12 lbs.) are
designed for one household. The cost is $25.00 per week or $700.00 which may be
split into two payments of $350.00  2012 Fall
CSA memberships additional 12 weeks cost an additional $300.00.

added cost):

Bulk orders: Bulk vegetables for canning and storage
will be available   summer and fall.

Breed All Natural Pork

 weekly or monthly delivery

Fall/Winter CSA

 additional 12 weeks

Frequently Asked
Questions about our CSA

are your farming practices?

We are committed organic vegetable growers having over 30 years of combined
experience in agriculture. We choose to use ecologically sound farming
practices, demonstrating our commitment to enhance soil health, use resources
efficiently, create a safe working environment for our crew, and grow safe
healthy food for our family and yours. We grow pesticide and chemical free
produce !

What's in a share?

We plant a diversity of crops in order to provide a wide variety of vegetables
and herbs to our members. Shares contain 5 to 10 different varieties each week,
depending what's ready for harvest. New for 2012 CSA baskets will include fruit
and berries seasonally.

Can I share a share with my friends?

Splitting a share among two households is okay with us, BUT we ask that shareholders
take the entire weekly share in one visit. Splitting of shares will be done by
the shareholders.

What happens if I need to skip a week?

If you're going away on vacation and won't be able to pick up your share, we
encourage you to ask a friend to pick up your share for you. If that's not
possible, please call or email us in advance of the pickup day to let us know
you're going to skip a week. If you notify us at least 1 week in advance,
you'll get a farm credit. All CSA credits must be used by Halloween. After
that, any unused credits will be forfeited.

What happens if I forget to pick up my share?

With all that's happening on the farm, we are not able to keep track of
forgotten shares. Unclaimed shares will be forfeited and donated to the local
food bank.

What vegetables are
included in a share?

We grow a wide variety of traditional southern
favorites as well as specialty and heirloom variety vegetables. Your share each
week will reflect what is in season. Our greenhouses, low tunnels, hoops houses
and ingenuity allow us to stretch the seasons a bit early and a bit late.

PARTIAL list of our crops for 2012 : Lettuces, Kale,
Collards, Turnips, Heirloom Tomatoes, Potatoes, Summer Squash, Onions, Peas,
Beets, Sweet Corn, Cucumbers, Blackberries, Kohlrabi, Arugula, Mixed Greens,
Peppers, Cabbage, Carrots, Zucchini, Pears, Green Beans, Blueberries, Apples ,Sweet
Potatoes, Peaches, Okra, Melons, Radish, Mustards, Winter Squash, Asian Greens,
Herbs etc.

INFO:  (662) 202-5776

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Sold by:A Old Thyme Farms and Nursery
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Location:Oxford, Mississippi

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