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Livingston's Bulls Bay Seafood

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631 Morrison Street
McClellanville, South Carolina
(843) 887-3519

About Us

We are a commercial seafood wholesaler with our own shrimp dock for unloading local shrimp boats. We sell local shrimp that are sulfite free. We also farm raise and sell clams and oysters year round and sell local wild clams and oysters during their seasons. In the spring, we shed and sell local soft crabs.

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Updated: Dec 7, 2012

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Business Activities

Farmer/Rancher Farmer/Rancher

Additional Information

Business Details
  • Days/Hours of Operation

Meat & Poultry

Product Attributes - Producer Verified
  • Free-Range
Product Attributes - 3rd Party Certified/Verified
  • USDA Inspected

Wholesaler Wholesaler

Additional Information

Methods of Sale
  • Direct
Business Details
  • Annual Sales ($1 to 2.5 Million)
  • Number of Employees (5 to 9)


Fish/Shellfish/Seafood Products - Line of Business
  • Oyster - Wholesale
  • Seafood - Wholesale
  • Shrimp - Wholesale
  • Other

Tourism Tourism

Additional Information

  • Reservations Accepted
Days/Times Open
  • Monday (Hours of Operation: 8am to 5pm)
  • Tuesday (Hours of Operation: 8am to 5pm)
  • Wednesday (Hours of Operation: 8am to 5pm)
  • Thursday (Hours of Operation: 8am to 5pm)
  • Friday (Hours of Operation: 8am to 5pm)
  • Saturday (Hours of Operation: 8am to 11am)
  • Call for Hours
Months Open
  • Year Round


  • School Tours
  • Other

Fishery Fishery

Additional Information

Business Details
  • Days/Hours of Operation


Marine Fish/Shellfish/Seafood
  • Clam (Quahog)
  • Crab (Blue, Soft)
  • Oyster (Eastern)
  • Shrimp (Brown, White)
Product Attributes - 3rd Party Certified/Verified
  • FDA Inspected
  • Other
Product Forms
  • Other
Methods of Sale
  • Delivery
  • Wholesale


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