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Chanda Chai

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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Chai has become increasingly popular in the American culture, becoming almost a staple product on the drink menu. Clearly it was time to make available a real, authentic choice. I decided to begin selling chai using my own recipe as a result of seeing that there was no authentic brand of chai available on the market. I am a huge chai fan, and seeing that it is something just about everyone loves, and that chai as a readily available drink was becoming more and more popular, I chose to put the real version out there. The response that Chanda Chai is getting is proof that people enjoy the real thing.There are other versions of chai out there (some call it the pumpkin pie version) that many people find overpowering and also too sweet. Most people like a more pleasant experience when they drink tea/chai. As a great testimonial, many of the places carrying Chanda Chai have made it either their house chai or their only chai! I use the best quality - fresh and organic - ingredients to make chai the way it is supposed to taste - fabulous.
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