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Central Colorado Foodshed Alliance

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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Foodshed Alliance is a cooperative organization created to stimulate and support the local food economy in our foodshed, defined as the area within 100 miles of Chaffee County, Colorado. Foodshed Alliance works to unite local producers and consumers, provide education about the value of local food, and helps to foster a vibrant local economy. Foodshed Alliance provides many resources, for the benefit of the membership, to reach these goals. The Buena Vista and Salida Farmers Market, the Guide to Local Food, and an active website facilitate the building of relationships between those who produce food and those who eat food. Our foodshed sponsored eventShedfest, a hyper-local, harvest season celebration, highlights the vibrancy of our community and the abundance of our regionwhile providing exposure to our allies and members. Individuals, businesses, producers and consumers; everyone has a role to play in the local food economy and therefore, also has a place in Foodshed Alliance.
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