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Heritage Belle Farms

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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Heritage Belle Farms is a small, diversified, and sustainable family farm and ranch that operates on the high prairie of Calhan, Colorado, just 30 miles east of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our farm produces registered Texas Longhorn cattle and USDA Certified Texas Longhorn beef; registered Navajo Churro sheep and USDA Certified Navajo Churro lamb, heritage breed pork, and farm eggs. (chicken, duck, goose and turkey). Our philosophy is simple, we strive to demonstrate sustainable agriculture, land stewardship and conservation by producing food that encompasses dignity, local economy, optimal nutrition and restores the ecological capital of our soils. a Heritage Belle Farms is committed to creating an agricultural model that can be implemented on any scale and that views the land as a diverse ecological resource base, where livestock are not only the primary economic driver of our business, but also an important tool that we use to manipulate the land to achieve positive conservation outcomes. Upon that foundation, and in keeping with Natureas model of production, Heritage Belle Farms strives to enhance lives, landscapes and our communities by engaging in holistic, sustainable farming and ranching practices that yield exceptional products including; bio-diverse ecosystems, healthy grassfed meat and eggs, fiber, and cooperative and educational relationships with our community. Our holistic land-based business emphasizes land stewardship, innovative management, and economic viability. The result is a sustainable, diversified business that enables the preservation of our land, our livestock, our livelihoods, and our agricultural heritage.
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