900 Clemson Road
Columbia, SC 29229
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Sandhill Farmers Market

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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About our regulations: vendors may have a percent of resale products, but it should be labeled as resale. Resale should be from South Carolina when the product is growing in SC. If you want only products grown at the vendor's farm, please ask the vendors if they grew the item. Vendors who specialize in certain crops, supplement what they sell with SC produce and they can tell you where the product was grown. Some vendors display a Certified SC Grown sign. They have been certified with the SC Dept. of Agriculture that they grow or produce certain crops, plants or products, and meet certain standards. There is a comment box on the information board. Sandhill Farmers Market Office is now located at 560 Civitas Circle in The Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development on the Sandhill REC property. The building is behind our former location. Thanks to our volunteers. We can always use more. Check at the information booth. Interested vendors will find an application at www.clemson.edu/sandhill
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