5484 N 2100 EAST RD
Fairbury, IL 61739
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Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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I Live on a 20 acre Organic Farm south of Fairbury, IL. I produce corn, soybeans and wheat on a three year rotation. I grow turtle beans and popcorn in the buffer strips of the Organic production. This means it was grown without chemicals or fertilizer, but not organically certified. I also grow Sunflowers on my cousins farm double cropped on wheat. These are also grown with out any chemicals or fertilizers. The sunflowers are crushed into oil and meal. I use the meal to make Non GMO feed for poultry, beef and hog production. I sell the feed off my farm and do deliveries of feed for a fee. Call me for pricing of the feed. The oil is then bottled in a Food grade plant and I sell it in pints, gallons and 5 gallon pails. This oil can be used for frying, cooking or shortening in recipes.
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