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You can add more power to your searches by using a few simple "tricks".

Use quotation marks to search for an exact word or phrase. For example: type "star apple" using quotation marks to search only for star apples. The same search query ‐ star apple ‐ without quotation marks will match businesses that have star fruit and any type of apples in addition to star apples.

Search for desired terms in a particular field. For instance: typing name:apple will help you find businesses that have apple in the business name ‐ such as "The Apple Dumpling Restaurant".

There are a variety of other options to search within specific fields listed in the table below:

Field Description
nameBusiness Name
cityCity the business is in
state.abbrState Abbreviation such as "IL" or "GA"
stateFull state name.
countyCounty in which the business resides
productsList of products that the business has in their profile.
certificationsList of certifications a business may have.
businessDescriptionDescription of business to businesses.
consumerDescriptionDescription of business to consumers.

Specifically exclude a term from your search results. By placing a dash () in front of a search term you will exclude all results that include that term. For example: ‐apple excludes all results that include the term apple

Specifically require a term to be present in your search results. When entering a multiple word search (such as: organic apples) It will treat organic and apples as optional terms – adding a plus sign (+) in front of a term that must be present in the search results. For instance: typing ‐star +apple in the search query will inform the search engine that star must not appear in the results but apple must appear.

Combine multiple search "tricks" in a single search query. For example: if you want to find businesses in Georgia that have apple in their business name but do not sell apples you could use the following search query:

+name:apple ‐products:apple +state.abbr:GA

  • +name:apple — look for apple in the business name
  • ‐products:apple — exclude results where the business produces apples
  • +state.abbr:GA — in the state of Georgia

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